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As a Licensed Full Service Esthetician, Amber has gained years of experience with Eye Lash Extensions specializing in NovaLash®, and quality service is her number one goal. She has been working in the beauty and services industry for over 15 years.

Understanding how to care for someone’s beauty is a large part of her life. Seeing the excitement and pleasure people have from the work she does drives her desires of excellence.

"I am not happy unless the client is happy! When my customer feels good about the work I do, I know I have gained a lifelong customer and friend."


As a Licensed Cosmetologist and certified NovaLash® Extensionist, Holly has years of experience in the beauty industry. With over 30 years of previous experience as a salon owner, platform artist more recently with eye lash extensions, Holly continues to maintain knowledge on what is current and trending in the beauty industry.

She has been working with Amber doing eye lash extensions since 2017, and enjoys seeing the satisfaction her customers feel after receiving services from Lashes. 



As a Licensed Esthetician, Aster has learned from the best. They are an experienced Eye Lash Extensionist specializing in NovaLash®. 

They began working at Lashes in the Summer of '19 and is continuing to expand their beauty expertise and passion to serve their clients.


As a Licensed Cosmetologist and trained Eyelash Extensionist, Lizzy is making her mark in Palm Coast working at Lashes. 

Lizzy has a passion working as a professional in the beauty industry, and is excited to bring her knowledge and talents to practices, helping you achieve the look of your dreams.



A Licensed Esthetician experienced in Eye Lash Extensionist with NovaLash® adhesive, Ayva is anxious to please her clients. 

She began working at Lashes in the Summer of '21 and is continuing to expand her beauty expertise and passion to serve her clients. A long time member of the community, she will make sure you are pleased and return to Lashes for another great experience.

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