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Updated: May 8, 2019

Lashes are an essential part of our everyday life. Find out what you need to care for your lashes from sunup to sundown.

Lashes have the power to enhance and beautify your eyes, making them really come to life. No matter what condition your lashes are in, or how they are naturally, you can enhance them without a lot of effort.

Whether you decide to have extensions or just go with your natural look, we will try and share a few tips to help you achieve that beautiful look.

Lashes with Extensions

One of the biggest reasons to get eyelash extensions is the nearly maintenance free comfort of having your eyes come alive.

When you have your lashes done by a professional #NovaLash extensionist, you will enjoy the comfort of always having your lashes done #Lashes, #LashesPalmCoast. The need for mascara is eliminated from the volume and color the lash extensions provide.

Adding a little eyeliner to your lower and upper eyelids will really captivate those around you, and you will still be able to achieve a very clean and refined look.

If you want to add just a little more pop, let us know what you are looking for and we can provide you with some tried and true options to enhance your look with #NovaLashAftercare cosmetics and mascaras.

If you choose to wear mascara on your extensions, you will want to be sure to remove any residual makeup at the end of your day to help your lashes retain their shape and to increase longevity between appointments. Use #CleanLash by #NovaLash which will help remove any of the makeup while maintaining the proper chemistry for your eyelash extensions.

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